smile and shrug

…what else can I do?


I made cupcakes for the kids.  After I made the cupcakes and let them cool completely, I cored out a small divot in each and filled the space with colored frosting then replaced the little ‘lid’ of the divot to cover the frosting.  I then covered each cupcake in white frosting and set them aside.

When the kids were all here they first noticed the cupcakes and immediately asked for them.  “oh, no, those are for Jojo’s birthday that was earlier in the week, after dinner we’ll have them and give him his gifts” was my response.  They were fine with that.  At one point my daughter did ask, “so mom… did you find out if we are having a boy or a girl???” and I put her off with a comment about waiting until all the kids were here together and since Jojo was working we’d need to wait until he was here with us which which she agreed with.

After dinner I brought out the cupcakes, gently and shallowly put a few candles in one, and we sang happy birthday to the newly 18 Jojo.  As soon as the candles were out all the kids grabbed the cupcakes and started peeling off the wrappers.  “WAIT!!” I yelled.

“Wait… there is a surprise inside the cupcakes.  I filled the middle of the cupcake with colored frosting and when you see it you will know if you are having a brother or a sister…” 4 big-eyed faces stared at me for a brief moment then I saw the lightbulb flash behind their eyes and they all grinned.  Jojo took charge – “ok, peel off the wrapper and then on my count we’ll all take a bite, ready… 1…2…THREE!”  his deep voice still held that little boy excited tone and I felt my eyes tearing up already.  All four kids bit down into their cupcakes at the same time but it was the two older ones, my son and my guy’s son who yelled in unison: “IT’S A BOY!!!”

We are having a boy.

I have, in order, girl boy girl – so my new son will be the perfect balance.

My guy has, in order, girl boy boy girl – so our new son will fall right in line.  By age, all combined, it looks like this:  Girl Boy Girl Boy Boy Girl Girl… Boy.  The loveliest pattern I’ve ever known.  This baby ties together two fractured families and weaves a storyline of love against all odds.  This baby will be sooooo loved by soooo many people.  Lucky baby!




just to show you the level of joy that night – each of my “step”kids took pictures of the cupcakes and the ultrasound pictures with their phones to send to their mom (who is a lovely lady and has been very supportive and kind) and my son has already decided to play a song on his guitar to the new baby upon his arrival: Taylor Swift’s “Never Grow Up”…  do you know how many tears of joy I’ve shed lately? Joy and pride at such open hearts and generous spirits we already have produced. Lucky US!


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