smile and shrug

…what else can I do?

Pink or Blue?

I am now at 20 weeks and am nearly dancing with anticipation of my scheduled ultrasound.  I WANT TO KNOW WHO THIS BABY IS!!!  Tomorrow is the day and I’m half expecting that little roo here will be facing the wrong way or be doing the “secret legs crossed” manuever and when I leave the appointment I’ll still be in the dark.  That would be so tragic!

Everyone I work with is just as anxious as I am to know – and even more exciting is trying to plan a really fun way to tell all the kids whether they are having a brother (my guess) or a sister.  I want this baby to be healthy, whole, and really it doesn’t matter if it’s a He version or a She version, so long as this roo grows healthy all safe and protected in my belly and then comes out into my arms at just the right time.  But it would be convenient to know what to buy!

I finally got to introduce my doula and my guy to each other.  It might be weird to say that my relationship with my doula is almost more important to me than my relationship with my guy, but right now I’ve known her longer than him and my innate level of trust and security is pretty darn high with her.  So I didn’t place much merit on whether or not he’d like her, or vice versa, but I was moved to a whole new level of comfort and confidence to have him totally rave about her afterward.  He was smitten with her calm competent nature and the overall vibe she  exudes.    This is going to go better than I imagined.

Now if baby will just cooperate tomorrow and expose those secret things to me…


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