smile and shrug

…what else can I do?


It snowed.

We’ve been waiting for snow for a long time it seems – the freak “end of times” whiteout we had at Halloween didn’t really count but it seems odd that it’s taken til now for any snow to fall.  But today it snowed.

I love this kind of snow – this delicate puff that falls to blanket the barren winter landscape and soften all the hard edges of winter.  I love the ways sounds seem muted, there is a hush and a muffling that comes (well, under the low growl of snowplows and spinning tires of course) with a welcome to the senses.  The air actually feels warmer, softer, and more friendly when this kind of delicate snow drifts around and makes fluffy piles atop power lines, bare branches, and the angled tops of fence posts.

Oh who am I kidding?  This stuff is icey, bitter, vengeful, and has a twisted sense of humor! It makes the steps slippery, the sidewalk a death trap, and my wipers are frozen to my windshield.  The annoying roar of snowplows and their grating scraaaaaape, scraaaaaaaape sends shivers up my spine after a while, and dude, quit spinning your tires already and go inside for hot chocolate – you aren’t getting out of the driveway today.  It’s switching randomly between soft fat snowflakes and biting pellets of sleet which is not gonna add up to anything friendly at all by the time dusk arrives and the temp really drops.  It’s gonna be a nightmare out there. I’m staying in.

I’m gonna put that kettle of water on for tea, throw the soup back into the crock on low, and put some cookies in the oven.  Maybe a snow day does have some benefits after all… anyone want a cookie?


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