smile and shrug

…what else can I do?

“Never” happens all the time

TV drama, scripted lines, characters who bear no resemblence to real life: yet I watch them intently, my emotions soaring and twining with the ones they portray.  Silly me, yet I am captive, held to the couch by a bowl of popcorn, a sleepy puppy, and my ridiculous need to see the scene on my tv play out to it’s finish.

Man on porch, woman at door.  Man’s face crumples, “I miss him! I can’t lose him, I just can’t!”  Woman gazes up sympathetically and with obvious compassion.  “I know, I know, I promise you I will never keep your son from you! I promise you! I promise…”  Both of them with teary eyes and tired grief-filled faces.  Scene fades. Commercial break.

I feel angry! Angry because, what, did they sneak into my house and watch that scene play out and then steal it for their show? I will never (ahh, that word!) watch the show again because I cannot bear to see if she does indeed keep her promise or if something happens and she feels justified, wrongly I’m sure, in tearing apart a parent and a child.

Never is a stupid word.  People say it all the time and if someone did a study, I bet that the word “never” is a sham.  I would NEVER do that. I would NEVER say that.  You will NEVER lose.  He will NEVER win.  You will NEVER be without.  Pfft.  Whatever.  Never happens all the time.



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